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Everyone has their own distinct style – which is why we carry one of the biggest selections of denim jeans online in Ireland!

Whether you prefer stretch, skinny, boot cut, slouch, a regular fit or something a little different or whether you’re a Crosshatch, Soul Star or Smith & Jones man, we cater for all needs at great value prices.

No one knows denim jeans better than our staff at the Denim Bar in Dublin and Limerick. We follow all the latest trends and spend hours researching the best possible suppliers and prices for our customers, and you can now avail of our unique offering from the comfort of your own home or office.

Certain styles of jeans never go out of fashion. Whether it’s with a casual t-shirt for a night out with the lads or something a little smarter to wear with a shirt or blazer, we have something suitable for every occasion.

Original blue jeans, a slightly-faded or worn-in look and dark denim remain popular sellers and are definitely to be considered if you want a pair to last. Straight leg and boot cut styles have always been popular, but slouch and skinny are really on trend at the moment.

Make sure to consider what type of footwear you prefer though – formal shoes, boots or trainers – especially when thinking about ideal length. Also, remember that jeans can shrink or stretch over time, so bear this in mind when selecting your ordering size!

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  1. Duck and Cover Mens Carbon Jeans Resin
  2. Lee Cooper Basill Jeans - Rinse Wash
  3. Lee Cooper Harry Work Jeans - Mid Wash
  4. Crosshatch Cargo Dark Wash Straight Leg Jeans
  5. Crosshatch Cargo Light Wash Straight Leg Jeans
  6. Crosshatch Newport Light Wash Straight Leg Jeans
  7. Crosshatch Newport Darkwash Straight Leg Jeans
  8. Crosshatch Baltimore Light Wash Jeans & Belt
  9. Crosshatch Baltimore Mid Wash Jeans & Belt
  10. Crosshatch Baltimore Dark Wash Jeans & Belt
  11. Mens Smith & Jones Furio Jeans - Straight Leg - LightWashWash
  12. Mens Smith & Jones Enrico Jeans - Bootcut - StoneWash
  13. Mens Smith & Jones Enrico Jeans - Bootcut - DarkWash
  14. Mens Crosshatch Valencio Jeans - Slim Fit - Mid-Wash
  15. Smith and Jones Fabio Jeans DarkWash (Belted)
  16. Smith and Jones Jeans Fabio (Stonewash)
  17. Mens Smith & Jones Furio Jeans - Straight Leg - Dark Wash - Front
  18. Mens Smith & Jones Furio Jeans - Straight Leg - Stone Wash
  19. Ripstop Flenco Bootcut Jeans - Dark Wash
  20. Ripstop Flenco Bootcut Jeans - Stone Wash
  21. Ripstop Flino Straight Leg Jeans - Stone Wash
  22. Lee Cooper Basicon Straight Leg Jeans - Dark Wash

22 Item(s)

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